About M22

I have a formula that made my dreams come true.

It took me from playing for Benedictine High School, to becoming a four-year starter at the Virginia Military Institute, to playing professionally overseas.


Many people have talent. Not everyone has commitment. Commitment means never stopping. Not when you’re tired. Not when you’ve lost heart. Not when the ball’s bouncing out. Commitment means leaving it all on the floor, every time. Commitment separates the starters from the bench, in basketball and in life.


Shooting, dribbling, ballhandling. Developing court IQ. That’s what makes a player. The game comes later. Now it’s about repetition, persistence, and being willing to break bad habits and learn new ones. Bring a strong work ethic to the court and you will see change.


Do the real work, the hard work, and you’ve won. Shatter the comfort zone and you’ve won. Discover your personal best and you’ve won. Winning is more fun than losing.